Benefits of Hair Extensions

Monaco Salon Hair Extensions

Do you dream of longer, more luxurious hair?

Ready for a whole new look? Perhaps you have a special event or a wedding coming up. Or maybe you’ve been trying to grow out your hair, but you’re growing impatient.  When you’re ready to bring sexy back, hair extensions are a great way to do just that.

Hair extensions can make you look fabulous quickly and fairly easily. Whether you are looking for a radical transformation or just just more volume, our experts will help you achieve what you want.  At our Tampa Hair Extensions Salon, our certified specialists have over 8 years of experience, and will offer suggestions on the styles and methods that are suited for you.

Hair Extensions are incredibly effective and extremely versatile. In fact, many celebrities are rarely seen without them.  Because of the quality of hair extensions available today, in such a range of color and texture, the styling possibilities are endless.  And because our human hair extensions are made of 100% natural hair, your extensions can be cut, colored, curled and highlighted so that they blend in seamlessly with your own hair.

Monaco Salon Hair ExtensionsMonaco Salon Hair ExtensionsMonaco Salon Hair Extensions

Transform your hair–and your confidence–with hair extensions!

  • Instantly add length, from short, medium and all the way to luxuriously long
  • Add volume and body to fine limp hair
  • Add texture where you need it
  • Add highlights and color where you want it
  • Add fashion forward color without the long term commitment

Who can you trust for hair extensions?

Hair extensions won’t damage your hair…provided that they are applied correctly by a professional! When it comes to hair extensions, the industry is highly unregulated, meaning that almost anyone can set up a business and claim to be a hair extensions technician.  Don’t put your beautiful hair at risk, only trust a qualified stylist with proper training and certifications.

There are various types of hair extensions based on how they are applied to your hair.  A true specialist understands the differences between attachment methods and how the condition and texture of your hair play a role in determining the right one for you.

  • Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Tape-in Extensions
  • Clip-In Extensions

Hair extensions should always look natural, and when applied correctly will be virtually undetectable.   They should blend in seamlessly with your own hair style and hair color!

How can you spot a bad hair extensions job?

  • A line around the top of the head where the bonds are visible
  • Some sections of the hair are full and other sections are sparse because not enough hair extensions have been applied.
  • The extensions stand out because their color is obviously different than the rest of the hair
  • The hair looks like straw because a poor quality hair was used, losing its luster and softness after regular washing and styling.

Learn more about Krista, a true hair extensions expert.  She is certified by top suppliers like Great Lengths, So Cap USA, New Concepts, Hair Sensation/Hair Dreams, and UltraTress.