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Meet Krista Abad – Hair Extensions Specialist in Tampa
Krista is a renowned Hair Extensions Specialist and National Educator with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Krista is also Founder/Owner of Salon Monaco.

Meet Krista Abad – Hair Extensions Specialist in Tampa

Krista is a renowned Hair Extensions Specialist and National Educator with over 12 years of experience in the industry.She has worked with models, celebrities and your average next door neighbor.

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Moncaco Hair Salon

The Hair Extensions Professionals of Tampa, FL

Before and After Pictures with Hair Extensions

Picture Gallery

Pictures paint a thousand words!

Before and After Pictures with Hair Extensions

All of the hair extensions, hair color, cuts, and styles shown in this portfolio were produced and photographed by Krista and the help of her assistants.

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Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Discover the benefits of Hair Extensions

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make you look fabulous quickly and fairly easily.

Whether you are looking for a radical transformation or just just more volume, our experts will help you achieve what you want.

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Hair Dreams

Hair Extension Trends

Fusion Hair Extensions – Remy Hair

Fusion Hair Extensions

Remy Hair

Fusion Hair Extensions – Remy Hair

Get the most fabulous looking locks with top quality Fusion Hair Extensions from Monaco Salon.

 We can give you fabulous looking 100% real human hair applied with cold fusion hair extension methods.

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Monaco Salon

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Comments & testimonials from Krista's guests


Take a look at the comments and testimonials from some of Krista's guests
at Monaco Salon Tampa FL

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Common Questions About Hair Extensions


Your Hair Extension questions answered

Common Questions About Hair Extensions

Your Hair Extension questions answered
by the expert
Krista Abad at Monaco Salon.

What are hand tied hair extensions?
Which hair extensions are right for me?
Will they look natural?

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Inside Our New Extensions Lounge- take the Tour


Inside our New Extensions Lounge

Inside Our New Extensions Lounge- take the Tour

It's finally here! Discover the all new Extensions Lounge by Monaco Salon in Tampa! Take a look around

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Hair Extensions by Krista Abad, Master Hair Extensions Stylist at Monaco Salon  in Tampa

  • Top hair extensions expert, master stylist and hair extension trainer in Tampa, Florida
  • Award winning salon owner
  • Top quality 100% human Remy hair, so your extensions can be styled any way
  • We offer a wide variety of hair extensions, including tape in hair extensions and hand tied hair extensions
  • We custom match your natural color, texture and wave pattern so that your hair extensions blend perfectly
  • Hair can be worn up to 4 to 6 months
  • Available in straight, wavy or curly
  • No damage to your hair
  • Free Hair Extensions Consultation is available

If you are thinking it is time for a makeover with hair extensions it would be a great way to do just that, you are absolutely correct. Hair extensions can make you look and feel fabulous. If you have a wedding to look forward to, or a night out in Tampa or another important event to attend or you simply want to introduce some volume to your hair you have come to the right place!

Whether you are looking for a radical transformation or just thicker hair, We can work closely with you to help achieve what you want. We will offer suggestions on styles and methods that are ideally suited to you.

Types of Hair Extensions

  • Hand Tied Hair Extensions
  • Tape In Hair Extensions
  • Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Prices

Hair extensions Tampa prices can range from a few hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars depending on the brand of hair extensions used and the volume and length of hair extensions desired. We have pricing that will fit almost anyone’s budget! Cost can vary greatly from client to client because each is truly a custom service. There are also many application options to be considered, such as lengthening, full volumizing, zonal volumizing, dimensional color work or special needs applications.

We are certified with some of the top Hair Extension Manufacturers, using the most popular hair extension methods used in some of the top hair extension salons all over the world today including:

  • Monaco Hair Extensions
  • Great Lengths Hair Extensions
  • HairDreams Hair Extensions

So you are considering hair extensions in Tampa, Clearwater, Oldsmar, and Palm Harbor

Many of you visiting our site have probably researched the types of hair that are available and the different methods of application. The Internet has an abundance of information available for you to sift through and even more names of salons that are promising to be the “best” or the “official” hair extension salon; so I can understand the confusion that surrounds the broad topic of hair extensions and how difficult it can be to find an expert salon in the Palm Harbor, Tampa, Clearwater areas for your hair extensions. I would like to think of myself as being in a partnership with my hair extensions Tampa clients, as it is going to take both of us to make our relationship a positive one! Keep in mind…not one product is right for everyone. My job is to investigate your needs and make sure your hair is right for extensions THEN make suggestions. We will also talk about your budget and all of the time and costs you can expect to incur to put them in, maintain and remove them. Depending on whether you are adding length, fullness, colored highlights, or just dressing your hair up for a special occasion using crystal strands, feathers, or bright accent pieces – the cost can vary greatly.

I have earned certifications with all of the top companies and have mastered all of the techniques currently available in the U.S. I have worn all of the hair extension brands that I carry and some that I choose not to carry. The hair I use the majority of the time is 100% Remy, human hair from India and Europe…but again, every situation is unique and not one specific product is necessarily the best.

My client’s needs and sensitivities are always considered. I work in a private suite where we can talk and work comfortably without feeling like we are on display. During our free hair extensions consultation I will check the condition of your scalp and hair and discuss things like your hair care habits, your desires, your health, and your sensitivities. We will look through my portfolio and before and after pictures to discuss styles, color, and highlights.

Matching your color and highlights to extension color is an ART, one that most stylists have not mastered

The strand by strand method is the most popular and is used by top companies such as Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, and SoCap. Great Lengths has been called the Rolls Royce of hair extensions and has been worn by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Halle Barry. I have invested much time traveling and training and am passionate and take pride in my work. I am an artist and know that a beautiful finished product can only be achieved by excelling throughout the entire process. The results can be horrific if mistakes are made at any stage of the hair extension process.

Come in and let Krista at Salon Monaco in Tampa use her expertise in precision cuts, dynamic color and luxurious hair extensions. She will design that “Star Look” that fits your face, accentuates the eyes and compliments your skin tone. Take the first step to a new you. Click Here to schedule your free, private hair evaluation today.

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Looking for Hair Extensions Training & Certification in Tampa?

Learn every thing you need to know to supercharge your hair extensions clientele, including the business side of hair extensions. Visit Monaco Academy for professional training courses for hand tied hair extensions and tape in hair extensions?  Ready to accelerate your training? Shadow Krista Abad for a day.