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So you are considering hair extensions in Tampa, Clearwater, Oldsmar, and Palm Harbor.

Many of you visiting our site have probably researched the types of hair that are available and the different methods of application. The Internet has an abundance of information available for you to sift through and even more names of salons that are promising to be the “best” or the “official” hair extension salon; so I can understand the confusion that surrounds the broad topic of hair extensions and how difficult it can be to find an expert salon in the Palm Harbor, Tampa, Clearwater areas for your hair extensions. I would like to think of myself as being in a partnership with my hair extension clients, as it is going to take both of us to make our relationship a positive one! Keep in mind…not one product is right for everyone. My job is to investigate your needs and make sure your hair is right for extensions THEN make suggestions. We will also talk about your budget and all of the time and costs you can expect to incur to put them in, maintain and remove them. Depending on whether you are adding length, fullness, colored highlights, or just dressing your hair up for a special occasion using crystal strands, feathers, or bright accent pieces – the cost can vary greatly.

I have earned certifications with all of the top companies and have mastered all of the techniques currently available in the U.S. I have worn all of the hair extension brands that I carry and some that I choose not to carry. The hair I use the majority of the time is 100% Remy, human hair from India and Europe…but again, every situation is unique and not one specific product is necessarily the best.

My client’s needs and sensitivities are always considered. I work in a private suite where we can talk and work comfortably without feeling like we are on display. During our free hair extensions consultation I will check the condition of your scalp and hair and discuss things like your hair care habits, your desires, your health, and your sensitivities. We will look through my portfolio and before and after pictures to discuss styles, color, and highlights.
Matching your color and highlights to extension hair color is an ART — one that most stylists have not mastered

The strand by strand method is the most popular and is used by top companies such as Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, and SoCap. Great Lengths has been called the Rolls Royce of hair extensions and has been worn by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Halle Barry. I have invested much time traveling and training and am passionate and take pride in my work. I am an artist and know that a beautiful finished product can only be achieved by excelling throughout the entire process. The results can be horrific if mistakes are made at any stage of the hair extension process.

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