Common Questions About Hair Extensions

How much do hair extensions cost? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get about hair extensions.  It's easy to answer once we can assess your hair and your desired style.  That's why we offer a Free Hair Extensions Consultation.  If you're serious about hair extensions, please schedule a consultation by emailing us an appointment request.  

The cost of your hair extensions will depend on three things:

1. The condition of your hair.  There are different attachment methods for hair extensions and they each vary in cost.  Depending on the overall condition and texture of your hair, we may recommend one type over another. 

2. The length of your hair.  Hair extensions are available in different lengths, some as short as 12-14" and they go as long as 20+ inches.  Because we use real human hair extensions, longer hair costs more.  If you have long hair or want to add length to your style, then we'll use long hair extensions. 

3. The volume you want. We can selectively place volume exactly where you need it, balance your hair's natural volume around your head and even conceal thinning areas. More volume means more hair, and the cost of your service will depend on the number of wefts required.

What is NBR and how are natural beaded rows different than your hand tied hair extensions?

NBR, or Natural Beaded Rows, is a specific brand of hair extensions that are designed to be lightweight and less damaging to the hair. At Monaco Salon, we use our own brand of top quality hair and our attachment method for our hand tied hair extensions is very similar to the NBR method.  

What are hand tied hair extensions and why are they all the rage?

We get this question a lot during our hair extensions consultations, so we put together a list of the top 10 Hand Tied hair extension questions and answer them right here.

1. What makes Hand Tied Hair Extensions so different?

I love this questions and I of course love this method! First thing that comes to mind is

2. How long do hand tied hair extensions last?

Everyone is different but the average is 8-12 weeks with no slippage

3. Can I still wear my hair up?

This is why I have not put anything else in my own hair but this method. Being a busy salon owner and mom to two young boys it’s goes up 99 % of the time. ????

4. How long does the application take?

At Monaco Salons we have two locations providing this method. We have artist that work alone on their own guests and it can take 1-2 hours for a full head application and we have artists that work together with another Hand Tied specialist and that can be anywhere from 30min to 1 hour for the same application.

5. Is the hair reusable?

Yes yes yes! ???? One of the perks of this method. We have guests wearing the same hair for 3-4 maintenance visits.

6. Is it good for fine hair?

I have been doing hair extensions for over 17 years and this is the only method where I have not had to turn anyone away for having really fine hair. There is many Methods to attach Hand Tied wefts so I am only speaking about the method that is provided at Monaco Salons.

7. What products should be used when wearing hand tied hair extensions?

We love our @oribe and @paulmitchell partners for our Hand-Tied hair extensions! ????

8. What are hand tied hair extensions maintained?

8-12 weeks later we do a 10 minute removal, provide any color services needed then we give you our wash house experience. We then style your real hair, then we apply the Hand Tied wefts. We end the service with whatever curls, beach waves, or braids desired. Yes, all in one day! ???? We have many artists available and we all work together as a team to give you the best salon experience without you having to be at the salon all day!

9. Do hand tied hair extensions hurt?

If the service is done properly it should never hurt. It should feel tight as we are applying the hair extensions. When finished I can best describe the feeling by comparing it to wearing a tight head band.

10. How much do hand tied hair extensions cost?  Is there a price range?

We have to see your hair, ladies! Cost of the service can range from $400-$1,750.