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Hair Transisiton Hair Guide Extensions MonacoGet the most fabulous looking locks with top quality Fusion Hair Extensions from Monaco Salon.  We can give you fabulous looking 100% real human hair applied with cold fusion hair extension methods. This method is preferred by some of the top stylists around the country. The end result is long lasting, gorgeous hair. As an added benefit the fusion technique can be healthy to hair because it’s applied using a protein tip known as keratin.

In plain language, amino acids come from healthy food we eat or are produced by the body. Using a pre-tipped glue comprised from protein, remy hair is fused with your natural hair. Cold Fusion hair extensions are popular with big time Hollywood celebrities because they are invisible to the naked eye. They want their hair to look flawless when appearing before millions of people on TV. An added benefit is that this technique lasts between 4 and 6 months.

What’s the difference between your Remy Fusion Hair Extensions & Weaves?

Weaves are another great way to extend hair, but with fusion there is a lot more durability. We can match the texture of your natural hair, or color it in such a way that it’s virtually undetectable. When it comes to upkeep, our stylists can just replace strands whenever needed. For more info call 813-259-7555.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions  are an excellent solution if you want to add some length or color variation to your hair, as these extensions allow you to transform your hair temporarily without the frustration and cost associated with other types of extensions. In addition, extensions allow you to experiment with different colors and lengths until you find the look you want. Clip-in hair extensions offer several distinct benefits over more permanent extensions, and it can be helpful to explore some of these when deciding whether to add extensions to your hair.

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Clip-in Hair Extensions Offer More Freedom

One of the main benefits of getting clip-in hair extensions is that they offer more freedom over other types of extensions. Instead of wearing them all the time like you do with regular extensions, clip-on extensions are useful for short periods and special occasions since they allow you to add new and exotic colors into your hair without needing to dye it. Whether you want to have short hair one day and flowing locks the next or if you want to transform your otherwise-boring hair color into one with blondes, reds, browns, and blacks, clip-on extensions are an excellent choice.

Clip-in Hair Extensions Are Less Costly

In addition to offering you more freedom than traditional hair extensions do, clip-in hair extensions are also much less costly than their more permanent counterparts are. This is because you can put these in yourself instead of hiring a professional to do so, which can save you extensive amounts of money each month. In addition, when you have professional extensions, you need to have a hair stylist remove them, which usually requires a financial investment, whereas you can simply remove and replace clip-in extensions yourself. While some types of extensions made from human hair are more expensive than synthetic ones, clipping these in yourself still saves you money over visiting a professional every month.

Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent choice if you want to transform your hair drastically without doing so permanently. These extensions not only offer you more freedom than more permanent hair alterations, but are also much less costly. If you want to give your hair some extra flair for a night, clip-in extensions may be a good option for you.